Flood Control

The Rio de Flag through downtown from Bonito Street to Route 66 is a unique and valuable natural resource, an asset, and amenity to the City of Flagstaff and the surrounding community.

Friends of the Rio de Flag recognizes the need and offers its support for flood control along this reach if the normal, seasonal (non-flood) flow of water on the surface is maintained for the conservation, preservation, and enhancement of riparian and aquatic habitats.

In particular, we support solutions that enhance recreational and educational opportunities, including the incorporation of the Rio de Flag Greenbelt and the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS).

We offer active support for an open, inclusive process that invites residents, stakeholders, government entities, environmental groups, and local businesses to participate in the planning of flood prevention and/or preparation activities.

Access Army Corps of Engineers and City of Flagstaff Flood Control Project documents from our Resources page.

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