Discover the Rio

There are many interesting places to gain access to the Rio. Here are a few of our favorites…

  • Map of the Rio: Discover the Rio through an illustrated map of our watershed!
  • Leroux SpringsNamed for famed scout Antoine Leroux, Big and Little Leroux Springs are the headwaters of the Rio de Flag.
  • Cheshire WetlandsA lush riparian area and restoration project for the Rio de Flag Greenbelt Restoration Plan.
  • F.U.T.S. Downtown: Follow the Rio along the Karen Cooper Trail through Downtown Flagstaff north of the tracks to Frances Short Pond.
  • Frances Short PondOne of Flagstaff’s most popular urban parks, Frances Short Pond is a featured Watchable Wildlife site.
  • Willow Bend and Sinclair WashWillow Bend is the only environmental education center open year-round in Arizona, and it sits right along Sinclair Wash, a large tributary to the Rio de Flag.
  • Foxglenn Park: The Rio de Flag runs along the southern and eastern sides of this large family-friendly park and features an active prairie dog colony.
  • Picture Canyon Nature and Cultural Preserve: This Watchable Wildlife site has great views of Flagstaff’s only waterfall from the rim of the canyon, and trails inside the canyon lead to petroglyphs recording early habitation by the Northern Sinagua.
  • Logan’s Crossing: This productive wetland on U.S. Forest Service land is a Northern Arizona Audubon Bird Sanctuary and Watchable Wildlife site.
  • Springs of the Rio: Discover the various springs that are closely associated with Flagstaff’s history.