Logan’s Crossing

Logan’s Crossing is located in Doney Park about 4.5 miles down Towsend/Winona road, off Hwy 89 N. This parcel of Forest Service land several miles downstream of Picture Canyon was until recently listed as a Bird Sanctuary by Northern Arizona Audubon Society

An important wetland habitat developed here over the years after the release of treated water from the Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant resulted in permanent flows down the Rio de Flag as far east as Logan’s Crossing. In recent years there has been significant decrease in the amount of flowing water reaching this area. There have been times, especially in June, when no flowing surface water was observed.

A 12 month survey of birds conducted by Ron Auler in 2015 found 92 bird species. Surveys compiled in previous years has resulted in a bird checklist of 169 bird species. While somewhat diminished as a wetland habitat, this shallow scenic canyon east of Flagstaff remains a lovely section of the Rio de Flag with a variety of wildlife observation possibilities.

Map and directions to Logan’s Crossing