Trailheads: Do what you can as best you can — but do it

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Arizona Daily Sun • April 16, 2016 • Special to the Daily Sun by Jack Welch

Do what you can as best you can was my mother’s most favored catchphrase. And that simple line is my mantra. Not being a perpetual spectator should be the steadfast goal of everyone. Especially, If you wish to carry forward a personal level of physical well-being.

Nonetheless, I eagerly watch the Olympics on television every four years. There’s something very special about being able to sit and see the finest athletes in the world perform at a level few of us will ever achieve. But witnessing their extraordinary accomplishments shouldn’t act as a deterrent to the physical ambitions of average folks. Their fantastic capabilities are reached through dedication, diligence and enthusiasm — qualities we all possess, but few choose to fully develop. We can all gain, however, positive results from emulating as best we can their dedicated pursuit of excellence.

You don’t have to be the best to do your best. And there’s nothing wrong with being second or even last. There is however, something very wrong about not being a participant. Choosing to sit at home in the comfort of a well-cushioned couch or in a stadium safely ensconced in a folding chair shouldn’t be our only option. (read more…)