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National Day of Service and Remembrance at Picture Canyon on September 11th, 2016

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Volunteer Event September 11th, 2016

Please click to view the full-size flier.

Join the City of Flagstaff Open Space Program and Arizona Conservation Corps for a 9/11 Day of Service and Rememberance volunteer event at Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve.

They will be removing invasive weeds (primarily kochia and diffuse knapweed) from the Rio de Flag channel and maintaining the trail to the Watchable Wildlife Site.

Please bring stury shoes, sun protection and a reusable water bottle. If possible, please bring work gloves and hand tools for yourself, or to share.

Questions? Contact Betsy Emery at or (928)213-2154. For more information, visit the Facebook Event page.

September 1st @ 5:30pm: Free monthly meeting

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Walk and Talk at Sinclair Wash and the I-40 Wetlands

Thursday, September 1st at 5:30pm

The summer monsoon season means fields of golden tickseed blooming at the I-40 wetlands. Photo courteous of Tom Bean

The summer monsoon season means fields of golden tickseed blooming at the I-40 wetlands. Photo courteous of Tom Bean

A surprisingly deep canyon cuts through Flagstaff and opens up unto a constructed wetland area at Interstate 40. I am, of course, referring to Sinclair Wash and the I-40 wetlands, a section along the Flagstaff Urban Trail System frequented by families, students, and wildlife alike.

Join us Thursday, September 1st at 5:30pm for a leisurely walk along Sinclair Wash from Willow Bend to the I-40 wetlands. Several speakers will join us to discuss current and future restoration projects, urban wildlife, and research at the wetlands on the effects of endocrine disruptor chemicals on amphibians.

Please meet and park vehicles at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. If the lot is full, additional parking is available at the nearby sheriff’s station. We will walk from Willow Bend downstream to the I-40 wetlands. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a filled water bottle.

We look forward to another summer walk and talk September 1st!


Upcoming Springs Inventory and Assessment workshops in Flagstaff, Arizona

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Springs inventory and assessment workshop, October 13-14, 2016: The Spring Stewardship Institute (SSI) will host a 2-day workshop designed to inform and educate the public, students, government agencies, NGOs, and Tribes about springs inventory and stewardship. Participants will deepen their understanding of springs ecosystems, ecological integrity, natural and cultural resources, stewardship, restoration, monitoring, field data collection, and information management. The workshop consists of classroom presentations and discussions, as well as hands-on field inventory and assessment training each day. For more information visit

Free webinar, September 28th at 9am: SSI will also present the final results of their 2-year project to support provide land managers, researchers, and NGOs with comprehensive information about springs and springs-dependent species in the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Registration for this free webinar can be found here.

Trailheads: Do what you can as best you can — but do it

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Arizona Daily Sun • April 16, 2016 • Special to the Daily Sun by Jack Welch

Do what you can as best you can was my mother’s most favored catchphrase. And that simple line is my mantra. Not being a perpetual spectator should be the steadfast goal of everyone. Especially, If you wish to carry forward a personal level of physical well-being.

Nonetheless, I eagerly watch the Olympics on television every four years. There’s something very special about being able to sit and see the finest athletes in the world perform at a level few of us will ever achieve. But witnessing their extraordinary accomplishments shouldn’t act as a deterrent to the physical ambitions of average folks. Their fantastic capabilities are reached through dedication, diligence and enthusiasm — qualities we all possess, but few choose to fully develop. We can all gain, however, positive results from emulating as best we can their dedicated pursuit of excellence.

You don’t have to be the best to do your best. And there’s nothing wrong with being second or even last. There is however, something very wrong about not being a participant. Choosing to sit at home in the comfort of a well-cushioned couch or in a stadium safely ensconced in a folding chair shouldn’t be our only option. (read more…)

Much thanks to Fred Phillips Consulting volunteers!

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On July 12, personnel from Fred Phillips Consulting graciously volunteered their time to survey and brainstorm ideas for enhancing the I-40 wetlands area along the FUTS. Biologists and landscape architects from this award winning, local firm spent their time assessing resources and providing a preliminary sketch of how things might be better for this heavily used area.  The materials they provided are greatly appreciated and provide us all with a place to begin the conversation on how we want this area to look and perform.  We look forward to that conversation with all of our partners.  Many thanks from us to them!

I-40 Wetlands Vision Document

Please click on the image to download a larger version of this vision map of the I-40 Wetlands.



Big thank you to our guest speakers!

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The Friends of the Rio de Flag is a local non-profit operating on a small, donations-based budget. We are extremely appreciative of our monthly guest speakers who volunteer their time and energy to share their knowledge and experience about the watershed with our group!

We thank Mindy Bell of STEM City and Gary Alpert with the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) for their informative presentation on August 4th, 2016 at Coyote Springs. Mindy shared her past experience as a science teacher doing outdoor, place-based education with students at the Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy, while Gary discussed his current insect sampling efforts to better understand the biodiversity supported by the springs. For more information about Mindy’s past work at the spring including student-collected data, please email To learn about her current work with STEM City, visit their Facebook page. If you would like to learn more about Gary’s insect studies with MNA, shoot him an email at

Thanks again to our wonderful guest speakers!