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Are you interested in serving on the Board of the Friends of the Rio de Flag?

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f-or-logo-1We invite you to consider joining the Board of the Friends of the Rio de Flag (FoRIO). The functionality of any group is often related to the effectiveness and vision of the Board.  Without the engagement of members on the Board, an organization often loses its capacity to meet its mission and commitments.

To that end, we invite you to consider either nominating another FoRIO member or nominating yourself to the Board.  Board members commit to one 2 hour meeting per month and various follow-up information gathering, reading and thoughtful purposing in identifying the most critical task needed to be addressed by the Board and the FoRIO membership.

Please email deflagrio@gmail.com with a short description of yourself, why you are interested in joining the Board, and what skills you can contribute to the successful functionality of the Friends of the Rio.