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April 6th @ 6pm: Update from the Board

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Free Public Meeting:
“Update from the Board”
Board of Directors, Friends of the Rio de Flag
Thursday, April 6th at 6pm
Montoya Community Center

Board members of the Friends of the Rio de Flag with Mayor Coral Evans at the Rio de Flag in front of City Hall prior to their meeting to discuss the future of flood control for this section of the Rio. March 10, 2017

The Board of the Friends of the Rio de Flag has been busy at work on a number of projects and initiatives! As such, we would like to dedicate the April 6th membership meeting to an update from the Board and discussion with membership. The following will be covered:

  • Master Rio Plan – partnerships and draft components of the plan
  • Flood Control Project – discussions with Mayor Evans and City Manager Josh Copley
  • Low Impact Development – suggestions for Water Commission
  • Community Outreach – stakeholder meeting and community survey
  • Adopt-the-Rio – classroom presentations and field trips
  • Stream Team – data collection in the county
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Join us at 6pm on Thursday, April 6th at the Montoya Community Center for a fruitful discussion with the Board!