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Week 4 Rio Awareness

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Chelsea explains her progress over the last eight months on building the Adopt the Rio program during a membership meeting in early April, 2017.

With less than a week left of our fundraising campaign we’ve raised over 80% of our goal to support another year for our VISTA member, Chelsea. Please help us meet this goal before April 22nd by visiting our GoFundMe page, “Discovering Science along the Rio“. Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped us support Chelsea and her work!

Last week during our Rio Awareness campaign we focused on the importance of groundwater to our community and the Southwest in general. Groundwater provides environmental flows for creeks and gives of people the ability to inhabit arid regions of the nation.

We spent the first three weeks of our campaign focused on sources of water including springs, lakes, groundwater, and reclaimed water. This week and the coming week we focus on water users and their importance to the watershed.

People, wildlife, and plants make up the users of our watershed. While wildlife and plants use the watershed, people make decisions that affect the state of the watershed and, for that matter, the states of wildlife and plant life.

In order to sustainably manage our watershed, we must first understand its current state. For this reason, the Friends of the Rio de Flag is promoting youth education through the Adopt-the-Rio de Flag Stewardship program. Youth and community members alike will be better adapted to address pressing environmental issues if they understand their place and responsibility in the complex system that is a watershed.

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