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March 1: The Importance of Beauty with Sandra Lubarsky

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“Beauty is a deep part of our evolutionary memory” 
– Dr. Sandra B. Lubarsky speaking at the Economics of Happiness conference in 2015. 

Oak Creek flowing with reflections of walls of Oak Creek Canyon. Photo courteous of Tom Bean Photography

Dr. Sandra Lubarsky to present on “The Importance of Beauty”

When: Thursday, March 1st 2018, 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Montoya Community Center, 245 N Thorpe Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Description: What is the meaning of beauty and how has this meaning changed throughout time? What does beauty mean to our culture?

Dr. Sandra Lubarsky states: “Beauty is not a mear, sentimental human opinion…it’s what we name those experiences of life that encourage and support freshness and zest so that life can continue.”

Join us on Thursday, March 1st as we hear from Dr. Sandra Lubarsky on the importance of beauty and how our disconnect with beauty is part of the story of how we have been talked out of caring for the natural world.

Sandra B. Lubarsky is a writer and retired professor whose research interests focus on the intersection of aesthetics and sustainability. She founded the master’s program in Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University and directed the Sustainable Development program at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

We hope you can make this presentation that promises to be excellent on Thursday, March 1st.