More upcoming events Spring-Summer 2021

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May 6

Ramon DC Alatorre of the City of Flagstaff Sustainability Program will lead this meeting 7:00-8:00 PM on Thursday May 6. This City has ambitious goals, and it ain’t gonna be easy. Over the next few days and weeks the plan will be revised in light of additional study and community feedback. Attending this meeting is an excellent way to ask questions and give live feedback to City staff.
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859 6704 1282
June 3
Jim David, the force behind the creation of Frances Short Pond from essentially a dumping ground, will lead a walk at the pond at 5:00.  He is aa former teacher at Flagstaff Jr High and the author of the bookJust A Teacher.
July 8
Trevor Henry from City of Flagstaff Engineering will lead a walk on the Rio de Flag from Bonito Street to City Hall at 5:00 discussing the changes in the channel with the upcoming flood control project.
August 5
Researchers from the Museum Fire project will lead a walk near Schultz Pass Road, showing how the possible flood events are monitored on the watershed.  Details to follow, especially as the monsoon season progresses
Sept 2
Tom Bean and Paul Beier from the Friends of the Rio board will lead a walk on the Sinclair Wash tributary of the Rio demonstrating how to use the new Rio app to discover cool places and plants on the Rio.